My services include full stack software development with software architecture design, DevOps process creation and system architecture design and implementation. My strong specialty is custom built software, with back end software handling business logic and data persistence, and front end software offering web based UI for desktop and mobile use.

Work experience

I started professional software development in 2005, when I joined a local web development agency as part-time worker while I was studying my masters degree. Since then I have been working most of the time in bigger and smaller software projects in Helsinki area. My job has involved back end and front end software development, API design and integrations, DevOps infrastructure development, Continuous Integration process development and system administration, usually all of these in a same project.

I’ve also been doing software consultancy work for various clients since 2006. I’ve mostly handled design and development of custom built software and websites. I’ve also done some small graphics design jobs as part of website projects.

Some of my side projects have grown into fully developed services, some are still at prototype stage. See my solutions for more details.

Software development, consultancy and contracting work

If you have a need for an experienced software consultant, or would like to get some estimates about your software idea, I can probably help you. Contact me for any questions regarding software projects.

Here are some of the programming languages / frameworks I’m proficient with.

Back end Scala/Java (Play, Spring), Python (Django), PHP (Symfony)
Front end Angular, React, Backbone, Typescript, Coffeescript

DevOps process development, system architecture design and administration

I’m familiar with wide variety of database systems, DevOps tools and cloud infrastructure providers. I have also been doing Linux systems administration for many years with many Linux operating systems distributions.

Database MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB
Cloud platforms AWS, Azure, UpCloud
DevOps tools Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Vagrant
Linux Debian based systems, Red Hat based systems

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